ÁRBOL DE TAMARINDO (Dialium guianense)

This is a specie in danger, considered one of the hardest wood. that´s why it was used for some constructions in the past, they also have very strong roots to resist the wind. They grow very tall to attract some bees and get polinated. Esta es una especie en peligro de extinción, su madera es […]

SUITA (Geonoma congesta)

Suita (geonoma) what means in latin “hands to land” it is too important for the native people in Costa Rica to build their ranch, the leaves of this plant are used for the roof in the houses. Normally is a plant that grows very slow that´s why is very important. Es una especie interesante conocida […]

CAOBILLA (Carapa guianensis)

Caobilla is a very important tree because of the wood, for all Central America and part of South America. It release the cortex to protect their self from paracits. Something interesting is that Their seeds are rounded and indiginas use it to make soaps. Also it feeds many mamals in the forest. Caobilla es una […]

ÁRBOL DE OJOCHE (Brosimun alicastrum)

Is very tall tree that can get 25 – 40 meters and develop a strong trunk of 150 cm of diameter their fruits are rounded and eatable, they are spread for most of mammals. All the tree has a sweet sap. The ojoche is also knowed as “nuez maya” a very important datum is the […]

MARIOLA (Tetragonisca melipona)

The Mariola is a primitive bee, it does not have sting, they are indicator of health forest. The yellow part means that they are working in the beehive, also works like trap for the ants. They produce medical honey because they feed on medical plants. something important is that they also collect excrement from birds […]

ÁRBOL DE CEDRO (Cedrela odoratra)

The cedro is an amazing tree that can get 45 meters tall and is pollinated by the moths. The cortex is bitter and fissured, It has a garlic flavor. Also they have a fractured trunk that let it catch more water from rain its also means that this tree evolved in very dry environment. El […]

ÁRBOL ALMENDRO DE MONTAÑA (Dipterix panamesis)

The almendro amarillo is a native specie from low land forest, it can get 60 meters tall and 2 meters of diameter. Is a very important tree because is the unique tree that The green macaw use for nesting. Also produce more than 60% of the food for the green macaw that is based in […]

ÁRBOL DE GUAYABON O SURÁ (Termalia oblonga)

The Guayabon tree can get 40 meters tall and develop a straight trunk of 1 meter of diameter, covered by a slim cortex that exfoliate the tree (exfoliation papiracea) in long laminate exposing the new cortex with a light color, getting a typical shape of guayabo or cas tree. During many years it was considered […]

ÁRBOL DE CHILAMATE (Ficus insipida)

The Chilamate tree is a ficus and is one of the a few one that grows like a normal tree, they can get 40 meters tall and get very deep roots. Most of this trees can be used in the bonsai thecnique, its grows next to rivers, roots are curios because they can get peculiar […]

MONO AULLADOR (Alouatta palliata)

This specie is herbivore located in Central and South America, are diurnal and have a few social activity they live in groups of 20 individuos, the males get maturity at 42 months and females at 36. Are territorial and produce a very strong howl that let them save energy used during confrontations. Generally are quiet […]